Refrigeration Engineering and Technology



Industrial Cold

«Industrial Cold» trade show is the key event of refrigeration industry in Ukraine. Each year the leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers and users of refrigeration equipment, sign mutually beneficial contracts during the event.

The trade show presents: industrial refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and ventilation, measurement and control devices and automation, equipment and consumables for repairing, assembly, and servicing.

Together with «Industrial Cold» the following trade shows will take place simultaneously: Storage Expo, MaRHo Shop, and Franchising (organized byEuroindex Ltd.), as well as Greenhouse Industry Fair and Gardeners Club(organized by S-TEAM exhibition company).

The trade show is annually visited by experts of major distributors and food processing plants, industrial plants, representatives of design, installation and construction companies, engineering companies, representatives of transport and logistics, refrigerated warehouses, managers and specialists of agricultural enterprises and farms.

«Industrial Cold» — is an annual meeting point of producers and suppliers of refrigerating equipment for active negotiations, and beneficial contracts.

International Academy of Refrigeration Ukrainian Department

International Academy of Refrigeration Ukrainian Department (IAR UD) is a non-governmental organization. It unites leading scientists, academics, professionals, engineers and businessmen. Its work is aimed at the complex solving of fundamental and applied problems in refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, air conditioning, processing and storage of foods, ecology, cryomedicine, training and retraining of specialists.

Odessa Port Plant

It's been more than 30 years since the Plant launched production. It is a fairly long period of time considering that the Plant operating conditions involve a wide range of pressure and temperature at which different chemicals are processed in aggressive, corroding and explosive environment using sophisticated equipment, machines and automatic control systems.

Every stage of OPP production history had its specific conditions and difficulties, but the team of its employees every time managed to successfully solve real life problems by bringing into play their knowledge, abilities and experience.

By now the Plant has reached a new, higher level of development based on a staged wide-scale program of revamping and retrofitting production facilities for the purpose of enhancing the economic efficiency and of improving the working environment.

OPP personnel has made full use of the Plant main production capacity for many years which in itself bears practical evidence of their excellent skills and the right management system.

The International Institute of Refrigeration

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization which promotes knowledge of all refrigeration fields from cryogenics to air conditioning, including liquefied gas, the cold chain, refrigeration processes and equipment, refrigerants and heat pumps.

Key issues addressed by the IIR include food safety, health, energy saving and energy efficiency, global warming and ozone depletion.

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Scientific and training center for training personnel for the food and processing industry.

Scientific and technical library of the Odessa national Academy of food technologies

The activities of scientific and technical libraries annually Academy aims to ensure its conformity with the type library innovation by improving the quality of information and bibliographic service users.